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2023 Entertainment 

2023 Emcees - Joe & Stacy Fowler

Joe Stacy.jpg

Stacy and her award winning TV infomercial host/actor husband Joe live in the foothills of Golden, where they raised daughter Presley (also a TV broadcaster).  They own a fun business The Golden Hayride and are actively involved in several community and fundraising events - and love the opportunity to offer their expertise at this year's Big Chili! 

9:30 - 10:45am

Blood Brothers

Meeting through the reach of their local church, members of the mountain band Blood Brothers have collaborated to build a community-based ensemble that provides top notch musical performances at outdoor festivals, private parties and area venues. Building from humble beginnings as a duo, Blood Brothers continues to grow and presents up to a six piece band based on venue and request.  Armed with a diverse set list of originals, classic rock, folk, country, blues, smoky pop, and worship music that spans over five decades of timeless songs audiences of all ages and walks of life love singing together

Blood Brothers.jpg

El Loco Fandango

12 Noon - 1:30pm

El Loco Fandango Pic 2.jpeg

Although El Loco Fandango was officially formed nearly 2021, the idea had been floating around for some time. Don and Mike often heard "hey it's ZZ Top" when they were seen together at a bar or local show. The "fateful" day that Tim Elliott overheard the comment, he stepped up and the trio was born! For the next several months, the guys put together a set culled from ZZ Top's vast, 50 years in the making, library of songs. Tribute bands are all about the details, so creating a great ZZ Top show required a lot attention to both look and sound. Don, Mike and Tim carefully crafted the tone to emulate the live performances as well as the recorded versions of their biggest hits. 

When it comes to wardrobe, a lot of time has been spent shopping at fine Western wear, searching for proper beard care and ensuring the proper amount of "bling" is present on each ensemble. All that, along with the wide selection of matching instruments, bring unmatched authenticity to the show. EL Loco Fandango been a major success and in a short time the boys have established themselves as one of the top tributes acts in Colorado. This year's schedule will go across state lines and get them on the road to be truly "Nationwide". Be sure to check out "That Little Old Band from Texas Experience" at this year’s Big Chili, and bring your Tube Snake Boogie shoes.

The Long Run

2:30 - 3:30pm - Set #1

4:15 - 5pm - Set #2

The Long Run, 'Colorado's Tribute to The Eagles', hails from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado.  Born in 2009, the band immediately hit the road doing Fairs and festivals all over the Four Corners states-region, including many others.  

In April, 2019, they celebrated their 10-year anniversary by hosting a successful concert at the famous Paramount Theatre in downtown Denver, only to be followed by an appearance at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. that same Summer.

The Long Run continues 13 years later, faithfully re-creating the 70's sound of America's best selling Rock Band in history. 

The Long Run - 2023 (2).jpg
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